Augustana College printing logo

Graphic Identity Guide

Augustana's graphic expression is associated with the school colors, blue and gold, and with its distinctive brandmark-a word mark inspired by our Swedish heritage, architectural features and the natural beauty of our campus.

Combined with photography, illustration, typography and color, the Augustana College brandmark is the foundation of our balanced and flexible identity system.

The typeface Din, legible and modern, is the primary font for use in institutional communications. Certain situations, such as letters and other pieces using longer strings of text, will call for a more traditional serif typeface. In such cases, Bembo, the secondary typeface, should be used with Din.

Blue and gold are the core colors for Augustana College. The brandmark should only be reproduced in the core blues, core gold, black, white or metallic silver. Use the palette of complementary colors to add interest to publications while maintaining the connection to our primary communication goals: recognition, interest and affinity.

The college seal is used on formal documents that reflect the college's mission as an academic institution, such as commencement programs and the formal college acceptance letter.

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