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Kelly Stelzer

2011-12 Season - Kelly Stelzer

Hometown: Wheaton, Illinois

Position: Attack

Number: 8

Height: 5-3

High School: Wheaton Warrenville South

Class: Soph.

Major: Psychology


     Kelly Stelzer, a second year, plays mid-field. Nattali is from Wheaton, Illinois, where she attended Wheaton Warrenville South High School and played for Cool Sticks Lacrosse Club. She has played lacrosse for a total of five years. So far, Nattali has received MVP, All-Conference, All-Region, and 4th top scorer in 2012. Kelly's favorite lacrosse memory is beating North Central, where that was her best game she ever played.

     Kelly plans on majoring in Psychology, Pre-Occupational Therapy. Her dream job after college is to be an athletic trainer for the Blackhawks. She chose Augustana because of the small class sizes, the reputation on her major program, and the ability to play lacrosse. Her favorite thing about Augie is the small student body with a spread out campus. Kelly is most looking forward to beating Carthage College. When Kelly isn't playing lacrosse she enjoys participating in Camp Kessem, FCA,SAAC, and intramural volleyball.

     An interesting fact you may not know about Kelly is that she loves waterskiing. Kelly's favorite food is tacos and her favorite color is blue. If Kelly could have dinner with anyone living or dead she would pick Jonathan Toews. A super power Kelly would like to possess is to be able to know what people are feeling and thinking. Kelly's favorite sport to watch during the 2012 London Olympic Games was gymnastics.  Kelly is scared of her roommate's stuffed doll. She is inspired by her immediate family because they all inspire her to push her to be the best she can be.  Kelly is the daughter of Tim and Carol Stelzer and the sister of Jason and Mike.