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Bridget Conniff

2011-12 Season - Bridget Conniff

Hometown: Downers Grove, Illinois

Position: Midfield

Number: 20

Height: 5-3

High School: Benet Academy

Class: Soph.

Major: Biology/Pre-Occupational Therapy


     Bridget Conniff, a second year, plays low defense. Bridget is from Downers Gove, Illinois, where she attended Benet Academy.   She has been playing lacrosse for the past six years.  Bridget was the captain of Benet Academy's lacrosse team her senior year.  Her favorite lacrosse memory is when she tricked coach Tisdale into thinking she dislocated her shoulder on April Fool's day.

     Bridget plans on majoring in Biology/Pre-Occupational Therapy. Her dream job after college is to be an FBI agent.   Bridget chose Augustana College because she loves the campus and the people here; it feels like home.  Her favorite thing about Augie is the people. Bridget is most looking forward to having another great year of lacrosse with a great team.   When Bridget isn't playing lacrosse she enjoys having jam sessions with fellow teammate Anna in their room.

     An interesting fact you may not know about Bridget is that she is a natural blond.  Bridget's favorite food is Digiorno rising curst pizza and her favorite color is pink. If Bridget could have dinner with anyone living or dead she would pick Beyonce.  A super power Bridget would like to possess is mind-reading.  Bridget's favorite sport to watch during the 2012 London Olympic Games was women's gymnastics.   Bridget is scared of spiders and the dark. She is inspired by her mom because she is a superwoman.  Bridget is the daughter of Jim and Kate Conniff and sister of Noreen, Clare, and Kevin.