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Augustana Fund Leaders

Augustana Fund Leaders premiere giving society recognizes total annual unrestricted giving to The Augustana Fund, the college's annual fund. Augustana Fund Leaders circles are named for beloved Augustana College buildings.

* denotes deceased

Wallenberg Circle

Kenny and Susan Nelson Abrams

Kim and Donna Brunner

Mr. Franz Helpenstell

Jim and Nancy Wolff Utaski


Seminary Circle

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Godfrey

Paul and Pat Nellans Guehler

Chip Hammersmith

Diane Gustafson Hill

Mrs. Ruby Jecks

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Leach

John Lucken and Mary Thorson Lucken

Lee Selander

Chris and Laura Seyfarth

Robert and Pamela Swieringa

Craig and Karen Breen Vogel


Carlsson Evald Circle

Anonymous (2)

Dick and Marilyn Alberding

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Simon Anderson

Steven and Jane Easter Bahls

Donald C. Berg

Dean Christensen

Linda Lefstein Cutler

Ruth Robinson Hanna

Douglas M. and Nancy Reed Hultquist

Michael and Diana Irvin

Alan and Kathy Anderson Janicek

Hagard and Marion Johnson

Lloyd Johnson  *

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Kindschuh

Zac and Kristin Larson

Dr. Lois R. Levine-Mundie

David F. and Nancy Swanson Moe

Mr. Peter Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. (Nancy) Nyberg

Bob and Blenda Ontiveros

Dr. Mohamed and Farida Rajput

Mrs. Richard W. Siebrasse

Anne Swanson

Susan Larson Williams

Lester R. and Marianne Martinson Woodward


Denkmann Circle

Larry and Stephanie Barker

Robert and Carol Shannon Brockhouse

Stan and Sally Jo Lovelace Brown

James and Barbara Almberg Carlson

Dr. Arnold and Christine Cowan

Marilee G. Abbott Davies

Hunt and Diane Harris

Annette and Forrest Hayes

Dr. Dale A. Herbeck

Lynn and Larry Jackson

Warren and Irene Jinks

Susan and Terrill Johnson

Dan and Maryanne Jones

Bob and Karol (Hein) Karlblom

Aaron Kennedy

Natalie M. Kessler

Mrs. Carol Kopriwa

Carole and Bruce Magnuson

Dr. Sonya Eiben Mariano

Peter and Susan Marty

J. Spencer Miller

Robert D. and Beverly Mitchum

Robin A. Natzke

Miss Linda E. Newborn

Val and Neal Peterson

George F. Prescott

Jorge and Elizabeth Braulik Ramos

Mrs. Betty Schiller

Peter and Sandee Simshauser

Lance and Christine Hay Stephens

Matthew and Sarah Whitebread Stoodley

Annette Sherbeyn and Sunder Subbaroyan

Kevin and Chris (Reich) Waden

Jack and Pep Wagner

Perry and Terrie Waughtal

Mr. James Weigand

Thomas F. Weigand

John H. and Marcia K. Anderson Wetzel

Dr. Karin Youngberg

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Younggren




Old Main Circle

Anonymous (5)

Miss Ellen Abrahamson

Dr. Gregory Actipes

Wiley S. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ahlgren

Reverend Kenneth and Marjorie Thedens Ahlstrand

Dorothy Bratlie Anderson

Jeffrey and Mary Jo Grothusen Anderson

Kathleen Shogren Anderson

Merv K. Anderson

Tom and Helen Appleton

Drs. Paula and Richard Arnell

Dr. Rita Aronson

Richard Baird

W. Kent and Jennie Barnds

Robert and Karen Bartelt

Dr. Andrew and Jennifer Bartlett

Joann Swanson Basila

Carol Bax

Jane Olson Beckmann

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Bell

Mr. Mark Bengtson

Paul and Mary Ann Becker Bengtson

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Benson

Steve and Pat Bergman

Reverend Glenn and MariLynn Gilchrist Bergmark

Rev. Dr. Arthur C. Bergren

Anne E. Bergren

Dr. and Mrs. Craig L. Blomberg

Mrs. Sonia Bodi

Dr. John G. Bolm

Dr. Timothy Bridge

Dr. Alan and Peggy Bridges

Glen and Elaine Brolander

Marivene Millett Brown

Dr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Bruno

Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Burks

A. Scott Bushey

Reverend and Mrs. Herbert B. Carlmark

Ingrid L. Carlson

Dr. Norman A. Carlson

Sherry Garthus Centanni

John and Char Childers

Dr. Jason and Cherie Clark

Mr. and Mrs. J. Kenneth Clauson

Mary I. Cleaveland

Christine McWhinney Coats

George and Nancy Coin

James W. Collinson

William B. and Ruth Conway

Mrs. Joanne Cook

Chris and Melanie Coulter

John and Cynthia Coy

Elody R. Crimi

Mr. Warner Cruz

Christopher and Sheri Curran

Lynne Curtis  *

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dahl

Mr. Bruce Davis

Doneldon M. Dennis

Jennifer Doonan

Stephen and Janet Holm Dunn

Craig and Rebecca Dunphey

Dale F. Eck

Dale and Melinda Egeberg

Loryann M. Eis

Glen and Pam Erickson

Dr. Thomas Evensen

Paul and Suzanne (Jobin) Farrell

Polly Fehlman

Karen Johnson Fields

Mrs. John E. Gillstrom

Mr. Matthew Glendon

Dr. and Mrs. Glen Glista

Mr. and Mrs. Cary A. Gramsch

Miss Ann K. Grimm

Mr. Peter Grunwald

Linda E. Gustavson, Ph.D.

George R. Haase, Jr.

Reverend and Mrs. Donald M. Hallberg

Jeffrey R. Hallman, M.D.

Patricia K. and Robert A. Hanson Foundation

J. Mark Harrington and Jane C. Harrington

Blake and Theresa Harrop

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Hartigan

Bill and Ruth Anne Erickson Hartman

William C. Warren and Ellen A. Hay

Ross B. Heath

Thomas Heiman

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Heinrikson

Frederick and Junita (Borg) Hemke

Mr. and Mrs. Jack R. Henderson

Christopher Hill

William and Kristen Hochmuth

Dr. and Mrs. William B. Hofmann

Dr. Marilyn J. Hoover

Christopher and Laura Weaver Hughes

David A. and Christine E. Jagger

Dr. Kathy Jakielski and Mr. David Yordy

B. Ben and Gertrude Swanson Johnson

Clifford R. Johnson

Doris J. Johnson

Frank K. and Nancy A. Johnson

Ms. Juliann K. Johnson

Dr. Keith H. Johnson

Mark and Lisa Koenig Johnson

Steve and Nancy Johnson

Thomas and Nancy Johnson

Gary and Wendy Johnston

C. J. Johnston-Paxton

Cathy Berge Kakuska

Peter and Tiffany Thies Karas

Mrs. Helen Karlblom

Mrs. Robert D. Kelly

     Robert D. Kelly *

Peter and Gayle Kindschuh

Pam Johnson and Jack Kindschuh

Patricia Cole King

Max C. Kirkeberg

David and Ellen Eliason Kisker

Robert Knapp

Dr. John F. and Claudia L. Langhorst Knutson

Derrick and Linda M. Kraus

Judy and Jim Kuhagen

Chris and Pete Lardner

Miss Mildred Larson

Michael and Valerie Tatlock Lee

Kenneth and Sonia Martinson Lersten

Shari Holmer Lewis and Sam Lewis

Adele Stone Lindberg

Dr. and Mrs. Peter J. Lindberg

Elizabeth M. Lindner

David and Darlene Holst Link

Rev. Muriel Lippert

Mr. Erick and Dr. Meg Grim Loven

Richard and Sherry Lundell

Mr. Robert K. Lyle

Dr. Pamela E. and Mr. Martin Malley

Mrs. Louise Maloney

John and Wanda Malvik

Dr. Dave and Linda Sedore Markward

Edith Lindborg Marshall

Pamela Larson Mathews

Mr. Christian McAuliffe

Terry J. and Linda Dedoncker McClain

Carolyn M. Almer McGehee

Jason and Nicole (Kraus) McKirahan

Helen Roetzheim Mehler

Jack and Anne Merriman

Jerry and Margaret Miller

Charles and Karla Olander Moline

George Murphy

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher B. Myers

Dr. and Mrs. William E. Myerson-Baxter

Ben and Gay Nefzger

Caryl and Merle Nelson

Miss Kim A. Nelson

Dr. Paul and Jennifer Nelson

Wilbur and Renee Nelson

Henry and Linda Neuman

Roger and Amy Ochs

Richard and Anitra (Lindquist) O'Connor

Harriet Smith Olson

Susan Ekman Ormond

Denise Ormsby

Mr. Thomas E. Osenberg

Cheryl Owen

Dale Owen

Scott and Margery Park

Dr. Dorothy J. Parkander

Rev. Dr. John and Donna McMullen Paulson

Lisbeth Lindquist Pearson

RC Peck

Marcus and Connie Perry

Mr. Donald S. Petersen

Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Petersen

Calvin and Carol Peterson

Charles and Marilyn Lundeen Peterson

Ken and Sandy Peterson

Ralph and Jean Aronson Peterson

Mr. Gregory and Dr. Christine Petty

Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Pianalto (Jacqueline L.Thiele)

D. Kraig and Patricia Parker Pierceson

Michael Plunkett

A. Irene Polson

John and Nancy Pouk

Myron W. and Lamona H. Price

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pritchard

Reverend John V. Puotinen

Mrs. Elinor Radlund

Mr. and Mrs. Frederick C. Ramquist

Christian and Lisa Ramsey

Rick and Sue Fleischman Rector

Norman and Esther Redelsheimer

Mrs. Maurice A. Reed

Donald and Dolores Hermann Rehms

John and Joann Reinertsen

Mr. David Rhea

Dr. and Mrs. James Ribbeck

Dr. Gail J. Richard

Paul and Barbara Bolling Rimington

Reverend Joseph and Deborah Miller Robb

Albert John Robinson

Dr. & Mrs. Michael (Karen M. Olson-Class of 1968) Roloff

J. Patrick and Nancy B. Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Eric J. Rowell

Mary Enstrom Ruhl

Dennis Sahr

Mr. Tom Schersten

John T. and Shirley E. "Benson" Schou

Linda K. Schroeder

Dr. Norman and Wendy Carlsen Schroeder

Mark and Debbie Schwiebert

Ann Hauberg Scott

Robert G. Scott

Michael H. and Elaine F. (Aiken) Seevers

Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Shemitis

David and Carol Masden Simpson

Dick and Karen Sjolund

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Slover, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Slupianek

Marilyn Smilie and Fred Radloff

Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Spong

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stephenson

Kathryn Finke Storm

Barry and Anne Stoughton

Amy Knutson-Strack and Steven Strack

Don and Martha Sundquist

Reverend Dr. Byron and Kathryn Swanson

Mr. Gerald Swanson

Lois Rasmussen Swanson

Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Tallitsch

Mrs. Mae Tappendorf

Mr. Mark S. Taylor

Dr. Kelly Tieves

Kathleen S. Tormala

Mr. and Mrs. John W. VanSanten

Walter Verdooren

Charles R. and Nancy L. Frank von Maur

Barbara Walberg

Barbara Walton

Mrs. John D. Watkins (Carol Ann Johnson)

Mrs. Patricia Watkins

Mr. Lon Wehrle

Dr. and Mrs. Walter W. Whisler, Jr.

Christine (Linder) and Richard White

Fred and Cathie Whiteside

Mr. Dean Wilkinson

Bishop Gary and Polly Wollersheim

Jonathan Wols and Dr. Heather Minges Wols

Mr. and Mrs. David Youngberg

Paul A. and Souk Youngman

William G. and Frances L. Zaruba

Dr. Mark Zoran