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Society of 1860

Cumulative Lifetime Giving above $250,000

Anonymous (4)

Kenny and Susan Nelson Abrams

Mrs. Irma Adelman

Drs. Paula and Richard Arnell

Brenda Czajka Barnes

Raymond and June Benson

Donald C. Berg

J.K. Billman, Jr. M.D.

Kim and Donna Brunner

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Calvert

Dean Christensen

Mr. and Mrs. John A. Dahl

Mr. Robert A. Dahl

Cynthia and Murry Gerber

Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Godfrey

Paul and Pat Nellans Guehler

Julie K. Hamann

Chip Hammersmith

Patricia K. and Robert A. Hanson   Foundation

Donald J. and Louise Taylor Heath

Mr. Franz Helpenstell

Dr. Reynold Holmen

Mrs. Lizette Jaeke

Bob and Karol (Hein) Karlblom

John and Lolly Kindschuh

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Leach

Derek and Debra Lohrey

John Lucken and Mary Thorson Lucken

Michael and Linda Moss

Elise H. Peterson

J. Patrick and Nancy B. Ross

Dave and Jeanne Rydell

Lee Selander

Terry and Sandy Shockley

Mrs. Duane R. Swanson

Robert and Pamela Swieringa

Perry and Terrie Waughtal

Thomas F. Weigand

Al and Marilyn Borden Westman  


Society of 1860 —
In Memoriam

Anonymous (2)

Mr. Alex Adelman

Mr. Edwin R. Adland

Norah Alsterlund

Mr. Paul A. Anderson

Dr. Raynor N. and Dagmar F. Appell

Gordon and Frances Aspengren

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Beling

Miss Miriam M. Blomquist

Mr. Orlynn K. Bosse

Mrs. Otto Buhmann

Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Cannon

Mr. Herbert Carlson

Mr. Roger M. Carlson

Roy J. and Lucille Carver

Mr. Ingemann Clausen

Mrs. Evelyn Crist

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Dahl

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Freistat

Dorothy and Victor Ganzer

Marvin and Marian Gassman

Edward and Juliamarie Andreen Grilly

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart L. Harbour

Mrs. Esta Helpenstell

Mr. Dean Hutchinson

Mr. Harold T. Jaeke

Mrs. Helen S. Johnson

Dr. Larry P. Jones

Mr. Fred A. Kahlke

Mrs. Edward P. King

Louise Lage Kirtland

Mr. Austin E. Knowlton

Lois M. Kransz

Mrs. Marilyn W. Laros

Arthur and Dorothy Lundahl

Miss Marion Magnuson

Alice A. Mason


Thomas C. and Mollie P. Montgomery

Mrs. Ralph E. Morgan

Mrs. Louise Nathanson

Dr. and Mrs. Carl B. Nelson

Evelyn E. Nicholson

Miss Charlotte J. Odman

Miss Margaret Olmsted

Dr. John and Lillian Paulson

Mrs. G. A. Peterson

Roger W. Peterson

Mr. Lawrence J. Plym

Miss Lenora A. Purdy

Fred and Florence Rissing

Mr. Thomas W. Rogers

Dr. Erick O. Schonstedt

Mrs. John Schyberg

Howard and Faye Shippee

Mrs. Eleanor Snyder

Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Sorensen

Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Strohkarck

Ruth C. Stromberg

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Sudbrook

Mrs. Beatrice L. Swanson

Mr. Duane R. Swanson

Miss Florence Swanson

Rev. Dr. Reuben T. and Darlene M. Swanson

William M. Swanson

Mr. and Mrs. Birger Swenson

Mr. Carl E. Swenson

Mr. Everett P. Swenson

Mrs. George Till

Walter J. Tiller

Mr. Dale Wahlstrom

Larned and Mary Waterman

Jean F. Welch Walgren

Richard Welch Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis B. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Bertil Winstrom