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Planning for a new Center for Student Life

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A Combined Center for Dining, Library and Student Activities: A Center of Student Life?

Exploratory task force report

The Case for a Center for Student Life

In July 2010, Augustana President Steve Bahls appointed an exploratory task force to do the following:

1. Develop a proposal to combine these functions on campus: the dining room, the study (library)
and certain student activities. The location of the combined facility, if built, will be at the library and the space behind the library. The cost of the combined facility and renovation of vacated spaces should not exceed $13 million.

2. With the help of a consultant, develop a report by Jan. 5, 2011, to do the following:

• Develop a vision for a combined facility that would enhance each of the three functions in a
way that freestanding facilities would not.

• Describe what a combined facility might look like and how space might be allocated, including
program elements.

• Assess whether functions such as student advising and the Reading and Writing Center should
be included.

• Describe the extent to which the student experience is enhanced in a way that might justify an
expenditure of this magnitude.

• Compare the costs (both of the facility and cost of operation) of the combined facility with the cost
of a freestanding student center, together with the cost of improving existing dining rooms.

• Develop ideas as to how the vacated space in the Student Center and Westerlin dining hall
might be used, indicating ways that space might provide for other goals of the campus
master plan.

• Assess the advantages and disadvantages of the combined facility concept, comparing the concept
to the freestanding student center adopted by the board.