Legacy families celebrate

For many of our Class of 2011 graduates, attending Augustana is a family tradition. They have mothers or fathers, grandparents or other relatives who walked the paths of the quad and the stairs of Old Main decades ago. Long before they chose Augustana, these recent graduates listened to stories of the friendships, challenges and opportunities to grow that the college provides. Now they share that lifelong connection to their alma mater.

Meet some of our 2011 legacy graduates and their families:

Natalie Hughes ’81 Dempsey,
Katherine Dempsey ’11,
Kevin Dempsey ’81,
Christopher Hughes ’92 and
Laura Weaver ’91 Hughes
Monte Cook,
Megan Cook ’11,
Lisa Stickler ’83 Cook and
Jessica Cook
Colin Johnson '12,
Ali Johnson,
Meghan Johnson '11,
Jan Marsden '83 Johnson and
Graham Johnson
Mark Loncar '83,
Jenna Loncar '11 and
Michele Meneghetti '81 Loncar
Anastasia Benson,
Tabitha Bachmann ’83 Benson, 
Alexandra Benson '11,
Bronte Benson '13,
Jeff Benson and
David Lewis
Annette Leng '82 McKey,
Jennie McKey '11 and
Todd McKey '81
Steve Lindahl ’71 and
Leah Lindahl ’11
Trisha Lindholm ’82 Dulkoski and
Christine Dulkoski ’11
Included are Jay Johnson ‘82,
Margaret Niznik ’82 Johnson, 
Krista Johnson ’11,
Donald Johnson '51 and
Ann Johnson '53
Dave Pusateri,
Anna Pusateri '11,
Gail Battenschlag ’80 Pusateri,
Kathleen Pusateri and
Mary Pusateri
Jeff Evans ’91,  
Julia Tollenaer ’85 Evans, 
Courtney VandeWiele ’11 and 
David Brickner ’10