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Placing Items on Reserve

Augustana College offers two types of Reserve Materials to Instructors and Students: Physical (including Term and Instructional) and Electronic (via Moodle). Our physical reserve items must be items that are either owned by the Augustana Library or a professor's personal copies of the item. These items are blocked from being sent out on Interlibrary Loan requests. Click here for a quick checklist for placing items on reserve.


Term Reserves are the most common form of reserve we have. These items are held behind the Circulation Desk on a term-to-term basis, and tend to be books or videos that students in a particular class need to complete assignments or prepare for class. The items are typically checked out for 2- or 4- hour periods, and must be used in the library. At the end of each term, members of the Circulation staff will contact you about whether these materials need to be left up for the next term, or whether they can be returned to the stacks.

Instructional Reserves are held behind the Circulation Desk on an annual basis. These items tend to be videos and books that instructors need for in-class usage. They typically have a three-day checkout period for faculty and a 4-hour checkout for students. Students must use these items within the library.


Electronic Reserves are accessed via our online course software, Moodle. The address for Moodle is If you have not already created a course section for this class, we will be happy to do so for you.
If we are creating the class for you, after you have created a Moodle account, the Circulation department will need to add you as a teacher for this class. To log in to Moodle:

  1. Log onto the internet. The website is
  2. At the top, there is a place to log in. Select the option to create a new account. The system will walk you through the process of opening an account and creating a password. The login and password should be the same as your Augustana email login and password.

Points to consider:

  1. To access the class material, students will need to enter an enrollment key password. This will only need to be entered the first time they log into the class. When providing the material to us for scanning, we will ask for an enrollment key word. If you have already set up the account, please give us the word you have chosen for the key. The password helps us to maintain our copyright compliance.
  2. Even though you can load material on your own, copyright restrictions still apply. Think of this as an electronic course pack, with rules and restrictions that could get us into trouble if not followed. If you are scanning and loading material on your own, you will still need to follow copyright regulations, (including usage of less than 10% of a book, or approximately 1 chapter, etc.). If you have questions about whether you are in compliance with the regulations, please contact the Circulation department.
  3. The library staff is happy to scan documents for your course for use in Moodle. However, if this is an item that is available to students via one of our databases, please let us know so that we can attempt first to hyper-link that item in your course. This saves us time, thereby making it accessible to students faster, and also helps reinforce to students that there are vast resources available in our collection which are not available via Google!
  4. If you would like us to organize the electronic reserves according to your schedule in the syllabus, please provide us with a copy of the syllabus so that we may do so.
  5. Add a link to the library website in the resources section of your Moodle course. You can either have us add it when we set up your electronic reserves, or you can add it yourself when you set up or adjust your course!

 Click here for a quick checklist for placing items on reserve.