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Advanced Instructions for using the Augustana Observer and Rockety-I Database

Click Here to enter the Augustana Observer and Rockety-I database

  • The online versions of both the Observer and Rockety-I are keyword-searchable. The database works best if you are looking for information about a specific person or event. If you are interested in getting a sense of the campus environment during a certain period we recommend that you browse the paper versions of the Observer and Rockety-I held in Special Collections.
  • The search is defaulted to search for all the words you enter into the search box; these words could appear anywhere on a page. The words do not necessarily appear in the same article or description.
  • The search is also set to find words with the same beginning (stem) - e.g., library and libraries.
  • Because early printing can be hard for computers to read, the searching ability of the database is not perfect. "Fuzz" helps to correct for this; if you are searching for a word or name which has a ‘ll,' ‘ce,' or ‘ec,' you may want to increase the fuzz.
  • If it is imperative that you find all results for your search term, you should increase the fuzz to max. You may get results unrelated to your search, but this is the only way to guarantee that you find all the mentions of your topic.
  • The date search allows you to limit your search by decade, year, or issue. To browse a specific issue, limit to that issue using the date search and leave the search box blank.
  • Your search results will be automatically sorted by date from the earliest matching entry to the most recent. To get the most recent articles first, you can switch the display order to "descending."
  • If you are trying to print a specific article, you can use the print dialog box to choose to print either the entire page or your current view.