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Special Collections Reading Room

Special Collections strives to be a welcoming and flexible environment. The nature of our materials, however, means that we must take some extra precautions. On your first visit to Special Collections each academic year, you will be asked to fill out a registration card. On each subsequent visit you will be asked to fill out a materials request card.

Special Collections is a closed-stack, non-circulating facility. Requested materials will be retrieved by staff and must be used in the Reading Room.

Student researchers in the Special Collections Reading Room.

Special Collections staff will be happy to help you determine which materials you need. Materials in Special Collections can be easily damaged by normal handling; we ask that you please be careful handling materials, follow all instructions from the staff, and make sure your hands are clean before handling materials. Materials must be kept on the Reading Room tables at all times and any supports provided for the materials must be utilized. Please leave manuscript materials in their existing order.

Pencils are the only writing instruments allowed in the Special Collections Reading Room. Please clear the use of a laptop computer, camera, or recording device with Special Collections staff. Note paper and essential reference books are the only materials allowed on the table top while Special Collections materials are present. Please place other materials, backpacks, and coats on the floor, your chair, or the hooks by the door.

Food and drink are not allowed in Special Collections.

Please set your cell phone to mute or vibrate and take any calls to the corridor outside Special Collections so as not to disturb other researchers.

Only work involving Special Collections materials is permitted in the Special Collections Reading Room.