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Service: Plans and Priorities for 2016-2017

Deliver library services that maximize efficiency, effectiveness, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Prioritize inclusivity in all library services. (All)

Implement alternatives for providing reference services.

  • Grow and expand our reference model, including development of student research assistant program and internships (Anne)
  • Expand in-depth research appointment program (Anne)

Publicize research services (e.g. infographics, social media) (Christine and Rachel)

Continue copyright education for campus community (Christine and Carla)

Expand development of Augustana Digital Commons for open-access scholarship, creative works, and college documents (Amanda, Connie, Sam, and Sally)

Review public patron policies

  • Local public lending (Christine and Carla)
  • High school patrons (Christine and Connie)

Create a new, student-focused library website in collaboration with Communication and Marketing office and Palantir consultants (Amanda, Anne, Rachel, and Sam)