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Dr. Norm Moline exchanges gifts with Ms. Yang Jing and another faculty member at the Wuhan Arts School in Wuhan, China, on the occasion of a special presentation prepared by the school for our students and faculty. Yang spent a term at Augustana several years ago and was the soprano soloist for the college’s Handel Oratorio Society performance of "Messiah."
Dr. Norm Moline and officials from Yan’an and northern Shaanxi Province watch a local dancer at a special ceremony recognizing Augustana’s 21 years of bringing students to that region, which usually is not included in visits by Americans to China.
Professors Dr. Bob Tallitsch and Dr. Norm Moline with Mr. and Mrs. Wu and their 25-year-old daughter, Wu Yu Jiao (English name Anna), in the Wu's home in Yan'an, Shaanxi Province, China. In 1989 on the first student visit to Yan'an, Tallitsch learned from Mr. Wu that his then 2-year-old daughter had been born with a congenital heart condition. He knew she would need two time-spaced surgeries if she were to live beyond childhood. Knowing the costs of such surgery relative to the Wu's incomes, he knew it would be impossible for them to afford such costs and initiated, with Moline's support, a one-night fund-raising campaign among the 1989 East Asia term participants. Those generous students and faculty gave enough money to the Wu family to be saved and used to pay for the surgeries. The daughter recently finished college and is in excellent health. It truly was a life-saving outreach.