AnnaSophia Melgreen ’11

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Augustana students buying ice cream at a Family Mart in Japan.
Sacred deer at Todaiji Temple in Nara, Japan.
Longshan temple in Taipei, Taiwan, which serves both Buddhist and Taoist worshipers.
Hong Kong Island night skyline as viewed from Kowloon. Many people consider Hong Kong’s skyline with nearly 600 buildings more than 30 stories tall to be the most impressive in the world.
Biker near rice and vegetable fields in front of karst topography south of Guilin, Guangxi Autonomous Region, China.
Students in hard-berth car on train trip from Guilin to Wuhan. (From top to bottom: on left – Danielle Rogers, AnnaSophia Melgreen and Anna Malysz; on right – Kevin Macek, Shira Lambert and Carolyn Egger)
AnnaSophia Melgreen with Chinese students at Huazhong (Central China) Normal University in Wuhan, with which Augustana has an official exchange agreement.
Village scene north of Wuhan, which is the childhood home of one of the English professors at Huazhong (Central China) Normal University.
Naxi men and women in traditional clothing in old town Lijiang. The Naxi are one of the 26 nationalities in Yunnan Province, China, about which Augustana’s Dr. Marsha Smith has published.
Danielle Rogers, Lindy Breuer and AnnaSophia Melgreen are interviewed by local media at Yan’an on the occasion of a special ceremony to commemorate Augustana’s 21 years of visiting that region in northern Shaanxi Province, China.