Kirsten Bjornson ’11

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Professor Michiru Shearer talks with Henro (pilgrims) at Temple 52 of Shikoku Island. There are 88 temples on the pilgrimage; an estimated 100,000 Japanese undertake the pilgrimage every year.
Hibakusha (a Hiroshima survivor), Dr. Ann Ericson and Kirsten Bjornson prepare to board a tram in Hiroshima.
Kirsten Bjornson and Cindy Kurasz in front of the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb Dome.
Elvis impersonators practice their moves in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan.
Busy neighborhood outside of Ueno Park, Tokyo, Japan.
Sumo wrestling match in Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.
Surprised Augustana students encounter sacred deer in the town of Nara, Japan, for the first time.
Kirsten Bjornson eats a picnic dinner with her host family in Matsuyama, Japan.
Augustana students sign autographs at an elementary school in Hua Shan Township Village east of Wuhan, China.
Kirsten Bjornson and Alex Van Been think about buying a photo from Taipei 101, the world’s second tallest building at 1667 feet.