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Library scaffolding up; Old Main's coming down

January  07, 2011

Neither snow nor frigid temperatures has slowed repair and renovation of Augustana's Old Main and Thomas Tredway Library.

Replacement of the windows in the library has created quite a footprint on the Quad near the Slough. New windows began arriving in mid-December and work is underway to replace a series of arched windows on the library’s north elevation. These are currently being trimmed out on the inside.

The windows arrive in the order they are scheduled for installation, and the construction crews have created temporary storage facilities just east of the building for this temporary inventory. Next on the Tredway renovation agenda are the windows of Brew by the Slew on the south elevation of the library.

"This project is a prime example of our commitment to reinvest in our academic infrastructure," said Paul Pearson, Augustana's vice president of business and finance. "Generations of Augustana constituents will benefit from the improved functionality of the Tredway Library."

Old Main, which has stood on campus for more than 120 years, is in the final stages of an exterior renovation. Repairs to the exterior stone are complete, a shiny new copper roof has been installed, and window replacement is scheduled for completion the week of Jan. 10. By the end of the month, all that will remain to the exterior renovations will be painting the woodwork of the dome.

The scaffolding that went up around Old Main last summer is starting to come down. An exoskeleton of pipe, rope and platform boards that encircled the upper dome is nearly gone and the crisp new pre-patina covering on the dome and cupola is visible. This spring, planning will begin for the renovation of Old Main’s interior.

Scott Cason
Assistant vice president of communication and marketing
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