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Wrestler 'gets' our kids, says Special Olympics chair

December  13, 2010

David Seitz, left, his son, Jeremiah Seitz and Hunter Feraco. Feraco coached Jeremiah in the pentathlon, in which he reached the Special Olympics Nationals.

Hunter Feraco, a sophomore wrestler for Augustana, says he had to work hard at learning to succeed at the college level in his sport.

While he was doing that this year, he also found time to help some others succeed in wrestling.

His coach, Eric Juergens, learned there was a need for a student-athlete to help train young people for the Special Olympics. He instantly thought of Hunter.

"I'm not kidding you, the first thought in my head was ‘Hunter would do that in a heartbeat,'" Juergens told the Kalamazoo Gazette. "I sent him an e-mail, and I got an instant reply, ‘No problem, give me the contact info.' That's just the kind of kid he is -- he's very responsible and he does the right things. It's a great thing to see. He's just so well-rounded."

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