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Giving back - paying it forward

Get to know Brad Wooten '89, President of the Augustana Alumni Board

"If we want the college to continue to move forward and if we want to preserve the spirit of Augie, we have to give. We absolutely have to. It's really critical that we do." - Brad Wooten

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Brad Wooten knows the value of higher education. He ought to — he has earned a business degree from Augustana, an MBA from Northwestern and is finishing up an Ed.D from the University of Illinois.

Now, as Dean of the Social Sciences and Business Division at Oakton Community College and the newly elected President of Augustana's Alumni Board, Brad recognizes that value in higher education is a two-way street.

"Augustana has played such a pivotal role in my life," Brad says, "and I want to give back. I consider myself — and all alums should consider themselves — outcomes of an Augustana liberal arts education."

Brad, Class of '89, says he got a major social education when he came to Augustana from the Chicago area. He played on the football team, helping the Vikings win the last two of their four consecutive NCAA Division III championships, and was a member of the varsity baseball squad as well. He credits professors Dorothy Parkander and Paul Olsen, along with football coach Bob Reade, with expanding his views on the world and "teaching me how to grow into a man."

Recently, Brad visited campus with his wife, Yolanda, and son, Elijah. Get to know Brad and join him in preserving what he calls the Augie spirit.