Legacy families celebrate

For many of our Class of 2010 graduates, attending Augustana is a family tradition. They have mothers or fathers, grandparents or other relatives who walked the paths of the quad and the stairs of Old Main decades ago. Long before they chose Augustana, these recent graduates listened to stories of the friendships, challenges and opportunities to grow that the college provides. Now they share that lifelong connection to their alma mater.

Meet some of our 2010 legacy graduates and their families:

Kevin Fuqua, Becky Granger '81 Fuqua, Ashley Fuqua '10 and Ron Fuqua
David J. Bell '80 and Lindsey Bell '10
Deborah Moller '82 Blyth and Sarah Blyth '10
Cindi Birkhead '82 Celske and Jacqueline Celske '10
Helena Csoke '83 Devore, Jessica Devore '10 and David Devore '82
David Eckdahl '75, Melissa Eckdahl '05, Nicole Eckdahl '10 and Howard Eckdahl '08
Patricia Bowman '73 Ferris, Megan Ferris '10 and Kent Ferris
Randy Frazier, Kai Frazier '10 and Ava Frazier (Class of 1978)
Becky Hinrichs '84 Glimco, Jake Glimco '10 and John Glimco '83
George Gogonas '10 and John Gogonas '75
Bobby Grosshauser, Leslie Grosshauser, Hillary Grosshauser '10 and Jeff Grosshauser '83
Kevin Jackson '80 and Molly Jackson '10
Mike Lancaster '78, Katelyn Lancaster '10, Beth Lancaster, Allie Lancaster (Class of 2012)
Grant Ollenburger (Class of 2012), Greta Ollenburger (Class of 2012), Jorie Ollenburger '10, Kris Johnson '83 Ollenburger, Tom Ollenburger '83
Jamie Patton, Helene Romb '80 Patton, Jim Patton '77 and John Patton '10
Ben Studer (Class of 2012), Melinda Studer, Jeffrey Studer '77, Kim Studer '10, Margaret Studer '78 and David Studer
Dyanne Oak 82 Wallner and Scott Wallner 10
Wes Williams '80, Sean Williams '10, Jeanne Williams, Ryan Williams (Class of 2013)
Pat Ross '52, Lauren Ross '10, Nancy Benson '52 Ross and Sarah Eagleson