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Anatomy in 3-D

Dr. Bob Tallitsch and Dr. Allison Beck are exploring whether computer-assisted instruction can influence how a student learns anatomy. Preliminary results indicate that Cyber-AnatomyTM significantly increases students' ability to analyze 3-D relationships, plus makes them more interested in the class. MORE...

sarah broski gendernalik

Medical connections

The story of how the three siblings from Rockford, Ill., came to share a college and a career interest is all about Augustana connections. Scott Broski just became the third person in his family to earn an Augustana degree and head into a career in medicine. MORE...

tim muir

Turtles and cryogenics

Dr. Tim Muir's hatchling turtle research may lead to advances in cryogenic storage of human tissues and organs. Muir, assistant professor of biology, studies how ectothermic, or "cold-blooded," animals survive extreme environmental stresses. MORE...


Celebrating legacy families

Geography professor Dr. Norm Moline's grandfather graduated from Augustana in the late 1800s. It was the beginning of one of the longest family legacies in the college's 150 years. Plus, check out our 2010 legacy family photos.

Alumni profiles

An Oxford scholar, a Shedd Aquarium educator/vocalist and classmates who have met every summer for the past 35 years... Do you know any of these Vikings?

Q & A

Stefanie Leafblad talks about why she can't wait to return to Honduras for Christmas.

Alumni connect

It's been 150 years so let's celebrate! See what's new for this fall's Homecoming.


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