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2010 Season - Physical Conditioning and Training

The Augustana College Physical Conditioning and Training programs help to prepare our student-athletes for competition. Facilities include our stadium with "Pro-Turf" surface which keeps the field dry and gives a great surface for both competition and practices. A recently built weight room allows our athletes to weight-train in a spacious, new, and safe environment. A separate plyo-metric room is also used for explosiveness and speed training. Our recently re-surfaced practice facility also gives the Vikings another place to prepare for games. Both the Pepsico Recreation Center and the Carver Center are also utilized for indoor practices and for testing purposes.

The Augustana staff offers year-round training opportunities for our student-athletes. For football specifically, a four-time per week out-of-season program provides the growth in athleticism that the student-athlete needs to perform at a national level.

Student-athletes are tested twice a year on their improvement of the skills related to football.

During both spring practices and during the football season, student-athletes are asked to train twice a week in addition to their practices.

The staff also provides athletes with a summer manual to train with over the summer. It includes lifting sheets, plyo-metric workouts, conditioning, and metabolic training.

The staff will also offer nutrition advice to the student-athlete in order to maximize their potential.

Physical Training Program Priorities

  • Torso Stability
  • Quickness & Agility
  • Explosive Power & Strength
    • Posterior Chain
    • Hip Girdle Strength
    • Shoulder Girdle Stability
    • Ground-based Explosive Lifts
    • Unilateral Lower Body Strength
    • Upper Body Press Strength
  • Linear Speed
  • Cardiovascular Fitness