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Liz Johnson

Hometown: Rockton, Illinois

Major: Classics and Religion

Plans after graduation

I'll be attending Yale Divinity School for a Master of Arts in Religion with a concentration in Biblical languages and cultures. After that, I'm hoping to be accepted to a doctoral program in Classics or Religion with the more long term goal of one day becoming a college professor.

How did Augustana prepare you for life after graduation?

Augustana has prepared me for life after graduation because it fosters an open and engaging learning environment with professors who are constantly encouraging students to think critically and challenge themselves. It's the breadth of education received here at Augustana, along with the ability to work closely with faculty who specialize in what I want to do, that has benefited me most during my time here at Augustana. Without the close relationships with faculty and advisors, I would certainly not be on the path I am today nor be as well prepared to enter the realm of Biblical scholarship. My professors encouraged me to think like a scholar and help to improve my research and writing abilities. The ability to critique an argument and form an educated counter-argument is an essential skill no matter what I do after graduation.

What are you looking forward to about life after graduation?

Augustana has been great, but I can't wait to explore the various cultures, people and places there are in the world. I've learned a lot about the world from books and class, and had some opportunities to study abroad, but I can't wait to experience more of what I've read for myself.

What will you miss about Augustana?

I will miss Augustana, but I think many things of Augustana will be found in our lives after graduation. There will be clubs, organizations and teams to join. We'll keep in touch with old friends and make new ones as we move forward in our lives. Yet, the opportunity to stop by and see the professors we've worked so closely with and come to know as friends over the years won't quite be matched by anything else in our futures. I don't know if we'll ever have so many open office doors to knock on to say hello or ask for help. It's really a luxury found at few institutions and were lucky that Augustana is one of them. I'll miss my professors because it's really the education I received from them that is helping me to do the things I want to in life.

What advice would you give to current students?

I would tell current students to take advantage of everything Augustana has to offer from faculty, to Augie choice, to studying abroad, to the clubs and organizations. The more you are involved in, the more you'll get out of your education and the more you'll enjoy your time here at Augustana.