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Patrick Fish

Hometown: Oswego, Illinois

Major: Religion and psychology

Plans after graduation

Going to Luther Seminary in hopes of becoming an ELCA Lutheran pastor

How did Augustana prepare you for life after college?

I learned alot in the classroom; however, most of what I learned occurred outside of the classroom. Clinicals, research with faculty, and internships that I have participated in all made me a more well-rounded individual. Those experiences truly helped me learn who I am as a person and the gifts I have to offer people in this world.

What are you looking forward to about life after graduation?

I am looking forward to using my skills, talents, and knowledge in the real world. I'm excited to use everything I have learned here at Augie and put it into action.

What will you miss about Augustana?

I will definitely miss the people. I have had the opportunity to meet some wonderful individuals during my time here at Augie and I will miss the everyday conversations with friends and faculty. The other thing I will miss is the lacrosse team. The lacrosse team has been my family here at Augie and I will miss each of my teammates.

What was your favorite memory from Augie?

My favorite memories were playing lacrosse here at Augustana with my brother and teammates.

What advice would you give to current students?

Take advantage of the small classes and get to know your professors, because the faculty here are such great resources for students. Additionally, get involved with either the Career Center or CVR, because they both offer summer internships that students can utilize. These internship experiences are not as easily accessible at larger schools and we are blessed to have these opportunities here at Augie.