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Kristina DeRycke

Hometown: Kewanee, Illinois

Major: Art and Biology

Plans after graduation

I will be attending the University of Illinois at Chicago to attain my Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization. Because most people have no idea what this means, I shall elaborate a little bit. I have chosen a field which is extremely small, but chocked full of opportunities, especially in a world which is progressively becoming more digitally and visually based. The world of Biomedical Visualization uses art as a means to communicate biological principles and ideas. Although most people assume this field is limited to merely textbook illustration, it actually encompasses an entire realm of occupations including prosthetics, animation, archaeological reproductions, as well as the artwork involved in the criminal field. As for my plans, I would love to end up working for a corporation like PIXAR or National Geographic.

How did Augustana prepare you for life after college?

I have received an education which I believe surpasses most. Not only has Augustana vigorously prepared me in my studies, it opened up one of the best internship opportunities I could have wanted (the Texas Medical Center).

What are you looking forward to about life after graduation?

Although I have enjoyed my time at Augustana, sometimes I feel like an oddball due to my unusual pairing of majors and my intended career path. I am really looking forward to moving on to grad school and being surrounded by people who also share in both my interests.

What will you miss about Augustana?

Augustana has a very definite sense of community. I will really miss being surrounded by all of my friends, all the time. I will also miss some of my professors, people who have helped shape my mind and with whom I have established close ties.

What was your favorite memory from Augie?

One of my favorite Augustana memories actually involves leaving the country. I was a part of the Rome trip a couple years ago and I distinctly remember taking my final exam on top of our hotel's patio, equipped with a bottle of fine Italian wine. That entire trip was amazing.

What advice would you give to current students?

I feel I have made a significant transformation from the person I was when I first enrolled at Augustana to the person I am now, about to graduate. I can't say it has always been easy being a college student (who doesn't love a couple good all-nighters in one week?) but if there is something I would like to share with current students it is this: you should expect change, and welcome it. After all, life is full of change, college is merely the beginning.