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Sven Steen

Hometown: Springfield, Illinois

Major: Biology (Pre-med) and Business Administration

Plans after graduation

I'll be attending the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

How did Augustana prepare you for life after college?

So far it will be preparing me for more studying ... additionally, I feel that my experiences at Augustana have made me a well rounded person, able to understand a constantly changing world.

What are you looking forward to about life after graduation?

Good question! Life is pretty good in undergrad. Eventually getting paid will be nice and not having to move all my furniture twice a year will be a plus.

What will you miss about Augustana?

Seeing all the friends and professors I've met over the past four years every day.

What was your favorite memory from Augie?

I have a number of great memories from spending last summer in Houston with 6 other Augie students at M.D. Anderson. One of my favorites would probably be going to a place down the road from where we were staying called Ruggles. They have the best cake I've ever eaten (and I don't normally really like cake either). Nonetheless, we would walk there about twice a week after work just to go eat cake.

What advice would you give to current students?

You only have four years to work with. It seems like a long time when you are a freshman, but it really isn't. Make the most of it. Try something new. When I was a freshman I ran for student government, having no prior experience. I've been very active in student government for all 4 years, and it has been one of the best opportunities I've had on campus.