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Notable faculty in Augustana history

The faculty included in this series represent a wide variety of the professors who have taught at Augustana.

We have been most comprehensive in the earliest years of Augustana's history, when the faculty was small, turnover was often rapid, and the professors helped to chart the unknown territory which Augustana College and Theological Seminary explored. Many faculty from around the turn of the 20th century were particularly remembered for their devotion to Augustana and their lengthy service to the college; many of these are profiled here.

More recent faculty included in this series were chosen in a most unscientific fashion. Limiting ourselves to faculty no longer teaching full-time, our main considerations included length of tenure, impact on students outside of their own department as well as within, special contributions to student life beyond the classroom, and the frequency with which they are referred to by alumni returning to campus.

Given the number of extraordinary former faculty beloved by alumni, we knew we would of course omit some favorites. If you have particular memories of faculty at Augustana who were influential to your life, please leave a note in the guest book.