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Speakers and lecturers at Augustana College

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Each year, Augustana welcomes dozens of nationally recognized speakers to engage students, faculty, staff and the community on a vast range of topics.

Whether a political activist speaking at a convocation in Centennial Hall, or a visiting scholar presenting an endowed lecture series supported alumni and friends, these events enrich the education of our students and allow Augustana to continue its tradition of giving back to the community.

If you would like to support future lectures at Augustana College by making a gift to the Augustana Fund or any of the college's endowed lecture funds, we invite you to make a gift today.

2012 speakers

April 19: Jaimy Gordon: River Readings, Lord of Misrule

April 19: Ken Anderson: 'My Career as I Remember It'

April 12: Gwendolyn Oxenham: Pelada

March 29: Gene Robinson: “Being Gay and Religious: Mission Impossible?”

March 22: Marc Morial: Explore Economic Inequality: 2012 White Privilege Summit

March 15: Michael Eisenberg: Preparing for the future of the information age

2011 speakers

Dec. 8: Steve Cagan: Can the treasure of El Chocó be saved?

Dec. 1: Dr. Eboo Patel on interfaith leadership

Nov. 8: Dr. Christopher Witt: The Civil War Is Still With Us

Nov. 1: Dr. Lendol Calder: The Story of the Civil War

Oct. 25: Dr. Kelly Daniels, literature and the Civil War

Oct. 20: Dr. Timothy Lomperis '69: a 'cold warrior' in Vietnam

Oct. 18: Dr. Jane Simonsen on the Civil War and gender roles

Oct. 6: Shane Claiborne: What If Jesus Meant the Stuff He Said?"

Sept. 29: Gerald Stern: River Readings

Sept. 1: Marc Prensky and Mark Bauerlein debate "Fahrenheit 451"

April 21: Gary Nabhan, climate change

April 12: Sybil Sanchez: Judaism: A Green Religion

April 7: Erin McKean: Is everything you know about the dictionary wrong?

March 31: Morris Dees: Whose America

Jan. 13: Peter Ochs: Scriptural reasoning