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Moving pianos

A large window frame was removed on the second floor of Wallenberg Hall, and a crew of movers used a crane to carefully hoist a new Steinway Model D concert grand piano into its new home June 1, 2009. The piano was purchased with a bequest from the late Louise (Meiszner) Nathanson, a concert pianist who taught at Augustana from 1980 until her death in 2008. (Photos by Robyn Towle)

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Workers from from West Music prepare a Bösendorfer Model 290 Imperial grand piano for its move from Wallenberg Hall to Centennial Hall. It was making way for a new Steinway at Wallenberg.
Augustana workers inside and out discuss the next step.
The first crane to arrive on the scene parks next to a stop sign in front of Denkmann.
 Dr. Jon Hurty, music department co-chair, watches from the window.
Workers direct the crane nearer to the window, where the frame has been removed.