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November  07, 2008

A night to remember in Grant Park, Nov. 4, 2008

Members of the Augustana community who were fortunate enough to be in Chicago's Grant Park on election night last week came back to campus with memories for a lifetime.  Senior Parker Caby (who took the photo above) and sophomore Leah Mortensen made the trip together with friends, as did Wendy Hilton-Morrow, assistant professor of speech communication.

Parker Caby: "I still cannot believe it really happened. All of it. The fact that Barack Obama is the next president of the USA. The fact that I was there among tens of thousands of cheering supporters. The fact that I was able to hear him speak in person. (Read more)

Leah Mortensen: "Being in Grant Park on Tuesday night for Barack Obama's win was an experience I will not soon forget, or take for granted. I felt incredibly fortunate to be among the 80,000 or so people afforded the opportunity to witness the first black man win the United States presidency: something so monumental in our American history.(Read more)

Wendy Hilton-Morrow: "As President-Elect Obama took the stage, the crowd respectfully quieted, anxious to know how even a speaker as eloquent as Obama would find the words to match this profound moment. But, he did. " (Read more)