Welcome to the website of Stephen B. Hager, Ph.D


I am a professor in the Biology Department at Augustana College, Rock Island, IL

Expertise: bird conservation, animal behavior, general zoology

  1. Teaching / Students in my courses are challenged to learn content and conceptual material, and to apply this information to solve problems. I offer opportunities for students to engage in high-level critical thinking skills, analyze complex situations, and effectively communicate their work in both verbal and written contexts.

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  1. Research / My research program seeks to understand the factors that influence bird-window collisions, which is one of many threats to birds in urban landscapes. This is important because urbanization is accelerating faster than human population growth, and knowledge of how the urban environment affects bird survival is urgently needed for appropriate conservation and management strategies.

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Education: B.A., M.A., California State University, Fullerton / Ph.D., New Mexico State University

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