The mission of the Biology Scholars Program is to empower biologists to be leaders in science education reform and catalyze professional societies to sustain undergraduate education reform. The Biology Scholars Program has three residency programs: Assessment, Research, and Transitions. The Assessment Residency Program seeks biologists who utilize varied teaching strategies in their classrooms and laboratories and are motivated to design courses and assessments to maximize student learning. Residents are chosen from competitive applications, and are individuals who are asking questions about the purpose of their courses AND the effectiveness of their course assignments.

Brief Biography / General Information

I am a professor in the Biology Department at Augustana College and also serve as a faculty member in the Asian Studies Program. I earned the B.A. in biology from North Central College, and the Ph.D. in physiology with an anatomy minor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, joining the Augustana faculty at the ripe old age of 24.

My primary role is as a teacher

While my teaching philosophy is multi-faceted, the poem to the right sums it up best. I love what I do, and I love the students I teach. I want the students in my classes to succeed, both inside and outside the classroom. I am concerned about them as students, and as people.



  • to instill a genuine life-long eagerness to learn
  • to foster a life of continual growth and development
  • encourage the basic values needed for a lifetime of learning: self-discipline, self-worth, integrity, honesty, commitment, perseverance, responsibility, pursuit of excellent, emotional courage, creativity, imagination, humility, and compassion for others.

I am also a learner

My current academic interests include:

  • Problem-Based Learning. Problem-based learning (PBL) is both a curriculum and a process that helps the student acquire the skills needed for critical knowledge acquisition, problem solving proficiency, self-directed learning strategies, and good team participation.
  • Writing Textbooks. During my tenure at Augustana I have published several articles and textbooks, including two new texts: Human Anatomy (8th Edition) published by Benjamin Cummings, and Histology: An Identification Manual (1st Edition) published by Elsevier.
  • Writing PBL Problems: I also write and publish PBL problems. Currently more than thirty of my problems have been published by the PBL Clearinghouse.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine: Recently my research interests have centered upon Traditional Chinese Medicine in ancient and modern China, with particular emphasis upon Qigong, a form of meditative healing.
  • Computer-Assisted Instruction.

    Bob Tallitsch served as Principal Investigator on a $150,000 grant awarded through the National Science Foundation to explore the effects of computer-assisted instruction in teaching human anatomy.

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