The Latest Alumni Newsletters will be posted here on a month to month basis.  Below is the most current newsletter.

A Word from the President

Dear Alumni,

This past year the fraternity has seen lot of growth and change, but at the same time has been able to stay rooted in our longstanding traditions. Last year our group branched out to the Greek community by hosting an all school party as well as organizing a major fundraiser; both are events which the BOS have not participated in for several years. The reception for the events was extremely positive, and the impact was evident throughout the school.

Last year we also tried our hand at hosting an alumni event. Unfortunately however, the numbers were not what we had expected; mostly due limited access to alumni information. Regardless of last year’s numbers, the groundwork for an annual alumni party was laid, and we look forward to growing the idea in the coming years. Going forward into this year, we will continue to look for opportunities to positively engage the campus, local community, and alumni.

Semper Fi Bos,

President – Austin Boyle


Cross the Line for Devine

On May 6th we held a fundraising event benefiting a pledge brother, Adam Devine, who recently lost his legs in an IED explosion while in Afghanistan. The event was a wheel chair relay race where we offered grilling, music, and games available to the 50 people in attendance. Our efforts helped raise over $950 for Adam which will assist the Devine family in overcoming the new challenges in their lives.

Special thanks goes to our BOS brethren, Kent Kindelsperger, owner of Country Style Ice Cream, and Tom Lemon who helped us purchase our shirts from SportsPrint. Additional thanks goes to Raymond Scarpelli Sr., owner of Ray Chevrolet in Mchenry, IL for their donation.

On July 14th, Adam was able to go home for the first time since his injuries. He came back to a parade and benefit in his honor as well as seven of his brothers from the fraternity. Adam was in great spirits the entire day, and was able to enjoy the camaraderie of having his brothers around. He is excited to continue his recovery and to visit Augustana when he is able.

If you would like to help or contribute to the event next year, please feel free to contact us at

Development Chair

Seeing the need for professional development within the fraternity, this year we created a new position to handle this need. The development chair will be working with members to encourage professional development through building their resumes and taking on experiences that will benefit them the real world. Already through this position the BOS helped host a LinkedIn seminar with the Community Engagement Center, and we saw an increase in the amount of BOS attending Pro Fair in the Spring 2012. An additional responsibility of this position is to network with alumni of the fraternity. We feel that through this position we will be able to develop our members and provide them with resources and references which they can use when entering the job market.

If you would like to help with this initiative, contact Jared Favaro at


Pledging Spring 2012

O what good times we had this year with our 8 pledges. On Pref Night our list was 10, but one freshman backed out because of family issues (we hope to bring him back next year) and then another pledge quit for personal reasons. We went forward with the 8 and were able to keep the traditions alive that have been a part of BOS for years.

We saw a very diverse pledge class this year. All eight members worked extremely hard through the rigorous few weeks.

1. Alex Putz, freshmen, swimming and water polo teams

2. Kody Kiefer, freshmen

3. Greg Morales, freshmen, orchestra, music major specifically percussion

4. Lawrence Palmer, freshmen, number two singles player on the tennis team

5. Brian Trausch, freshmen, skateboarder and skier

6. Mike Kuechenberg, freshmen, tennis team

7. Maarten Vonk, freshmen, tennis player from the Netherlands, but only here for this year

8. Jeff Padesky, freshmen, number one pole vaulter for men’s track and field

Maarten will be missed next year as he heads back to the Netherlands, but the rest will all be back. Trausch and Palmer are little brothers of current actives Henry Trausch, sophomore, and William Palmer, junior and a pledgemaster for this past season.

In terms of exchanges, they all went well. We had exchanges with Phi Ro, CAP, Delta Chi, COGs, and the KTs. After the past few years we had a rough relationship with the Delta Chi’s, but our exchange went extremely well and now we have a great relationship headed into the future. It was one of the most well attended exchanges by a sorority we had all year.

The CAP exchange went well, like always. Our continued strong relationship with the ladies of Chi Alpha Phi has stayed strong as we had a Beta Chi week with them after they activated their pledges. The KTs were a great time like always.

We are still on probation for three weeks headed into next year, but seeing as how we have not gotten into trouble the past two years with the administration and our increased involvement with school activities; hopefully we can get back the full five weeks next year.

Hope this evokes some of your own pledging memories,

Pledge Master Rob Connelly


News Worthy

A special shout out goes to Michael Piff and Andrew Stack who both received job offers and are now working for the Schaumburg Boomers (Piff) and Northwestern Financial Mutual (Stack).

David “Gonzo” Gonzalez, class of 2003, was recently promoted to assistant head coach for Augustana track and field!

Brandan McAtee, class of 2009, was married to his girlfriend Katy, on May 18, 2012. Congrats McAtee!


Alumni Events

In January we hosted an alumni event at our house where we were able to meet several of the older alumni, including the Reverend Ben Hunter who pledged in the 1950s. Ben brought his old yearbooks to show us some images of the BOS back then. He left his wife in the car for two hours to share stories with us and he didn’t want to leave! He also told us about BOS jackets, something that we are going to look into bringing back.

We are expecting to have a strong Homecoming week in Fall 2012 for you, our alumni, and would enjoy having you around during that weekend. We’re planning a get together which we will have bags, grilling, and beverages to help connect our current members to our older ones. Additionally, we will be going to support our brother, Arnie Fitzwater, the All-Region punter from a year ago and a preseason All-American this year, during the Homecoming football game. If you’re interesting in coming back for the weekend, or have any questions, please contact .


Other House Keeping Notes

Beta Omega Sigma is on Facebook! Join to keep connected with all the happenings within the fraternity. We also have re-created a LinkedIn page to help us professionally connect and re-connect with alumnus. Through these groups we hope to establish a strong relationship with you, the alumni, so that we can further the greatness of BOS.

If you are interested in donating, please send checks to 3431 14th Ave Rock Island, IL 61201. Donations will help go towards the recruiting of new members through informal and formal rush as well as events such as Cross the Line for Devine.

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