Beta Omega Sigma was founded in 1929 by a few Augustana Students who were just a little different.  At that time, students were required to attend chapel. What set the founding fathers of the BOS apart from the rest of the students was their neglect of the conventional dress, and their attendance in causal attire.  Outside of any disciplinary action, they were called “hobos” by the administration. They soon shortened this to BOS.  These pioneers took a stand on an issue and didn’t care what others thought.  This idea has remained as one of the central themes of the fraternity ever since.

The fraternity today continues to be an unusual and distinct group on campus.   This can be seen in the social functions and undertakings. Outside of the parties they sponsor, there are various events that through the years have taken a special significance.  The BOS parade during homecoming, and the St Valentines Day Massacre are two such events which show the BOS; unique and imaginative qualities

Beta Omega Sigma is a fraternity that not only knows how to have fun, but helps provide fun for the entire campus. To be a BOS is to be yourself.  And don’t forget, BOS don’t cost nuthin.

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