Olin 305


AITP: our groups e-mail

President:Carla Mann

Treasurer:Ethan Halsall

Advisor:Jacob Sheets, ITS


AITP offers opportunities for Information Technology (IT) leadership and education through partnerships with industry, government, and academia. AITP provides quality IT related education, information on relevant IT issues and forums for networking with experienced peers and other IT professionals.

About Us

We are a student run group whose primary focus is to teach our member how to be successful with using, understanding, and teaching technology. Then using that knowledge to educate the public in understanding technology as well as provide a service to the community that they can trust on.


We are always looking to increase our membership within our local chapter. If you are intrigued, or if you just want to learn more information, drop any one of us an email. We'll be more than happy to set you on the right track.