About Us

Our Mission:
"To work towards environmental preservation in a sustainable ecosystam, through education and non-violoent action."

Our 2008 Executive Board:

Global Affect is an environmental organization that serves the Augustana campus and the Quad City community. In doing so, students gain the experience of working with faculty and staff from the college and people throughout the Quad City area. More specifically, the group focuses on: first, promoting environmental awareness and; second, having fun in the natural world.
Examples of Global Affect projects and events include:
  • promoting co-mingle and paper recycling
  • sponsoring campus and community clean-ups
  • conducting research into energy efficient and environmentally responsible architecture
  • managing battery recycling
as well as promoting general environmental awareness through a whole host of Earth Week activities.  The college has engaged in an increased effort to recycle, especially with two staff dedicated to handling on-campus recycling this year, and we are excited to be a part of that effort. 

Global Affect’s involvement on campus and throughout the community is growing each year. The organization is always looking for new ideas and enthusiastic people to help in its efforts. Meetings are usually on Thursday evenings at 7:15 in Olin Center Room 208 (on the campus of Augustana College). Join us!