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Public Safety/Police Information Index

General Safety Information

Building Security: Measures taken to ensure the safety and security of the facilities on the Augustana campus.

Campus Public Safety/Police: Information about the Augustana Security staff who are on duty 24 hours a day.

Public Safety/Police Contacts: Where to call for information or assistance.

Emergency Plan: Details on Augustana's emergency plan, how to report, precautions you can take, emergency instructions, training and more.

Crime and Reporting

Crime: Reporting crime, preventing crime, responsibility for loss.

Crime Statistics: Information required by federal statue.

Response To Crime Reports: Actions taken by the college when a crime is reported.

Incident Reports and Campus  Alerts: notification of recent crimes against persons and minor property damage or loss.

Sex Offenders: How to learn the identity of registered sex offenders.

Sexual Assault: How to report, definition, assistance, discipline policy.

Missing Student: How to report, policies.


Alcohol and Drugs: College policies and programs.

Drug Paraphernalia: College policy.

Harassment and Discrimination: The college statement of human dignity and policy on harassment and discrimination.

Racial Harassment: Definition and prohibited conduct.

Sexual Harassment: Definition and prohibited conduct.

Fire Safety

Fire Safety: Annual report, systems, inspections, training.

Fire Safety Procedures: Drills, residential living.

Appliances, Electrical Cords and Grills: Requirements, policies on use.

Smoking: campus policy.