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Fire safety

The following information is provided in response to the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (PL-110-315).

Augustana College strives to provide a safe residential environment particularly when it comes to fire safety. Planning is currently underway to incorporate a "wet" type of fire sprinkler system into residence halls which do not currently have a sprinkler system.

The college employs a full-time staff member whose primary responsibility is to repair and maintain life/safety equipment. All fire safety systems are inspected annually by an independent contractor hired for that purpose.

In recent years the college has not reported injuries or loss of life as the result of a fire. The most recent occurrence involving a fire in a residential facility occurred in 2011.

Recent reports

(1) On 09/13/2012  there was a fire alarm activation in Swanson Commons room 107.  There was a significant amount of smoke in an apartment due to burnt food in the microwave.  The Rock Island Fire Department came and determined that the microwave actually caught on fire.  Rock Island Fire Department advised the student to discard the microwave.

Fire safety training

Early in the fall term each residential facility conducts a fire drill to familiarize residents with the evacuation procedures specific to their residence. Fire safety and evacuation procedures are also reviewed at the first community meeting. A poster outlining emergency procedures is posted in every student room.

Each fall, the fire department offers training in the use of fire extinguishers to members of the staff and faculty including members of the Residential Life staff. Specific information regarding fire safety policies in student housing is detailed in Inside our Halls and Houses.

Fire safety systems in student housing

Augustana employs a variety of fire protection systems in residential housing. Each facility is listed below with specific information regarding the method/means utilized.

S — Sprinklers -building is equipped with a sprinkler system
HW — Hard Wired detectors within the structure are linked and connected to 110v
B — Battery. Detectors are battery equipped
FP — Facility is regulated through a fire panel on site but is not linked to central station
FPM — Fire Panel Monitored structure is linked into a central station in Public Safety and monitored 24/7

Andeberg FP
Anderson FPM
Andreens FPM
Ansvar B
Arbaugh FPM
Asgard HW
Baldur HW
Bartholomew FPM
Bellman A&B HW
Bergman HW
Bostad FP
Branting HW
Bremer A&B FP
Celsius HW
Delling HW
Ericksons Hall FPM
Erfara B
Esbjorn FPM
Forseti FP
Freya FP
Gustav A&B HW

Heimdahl B
House On Hill FPM
Idun B
Karsten HW
Larson HW
Levander FP
Lindgren A&B B
Local Culture HW
Milles HW
Moberg HW
Naeseth (1-5) FPM
Nobel HW
Oden FP
Ostara B
Parklander S. S/FPM
Parklander N. S/FPM
Roslin A&b HW
Ryden FPM
Sanning B/R
Se,inaries Hall FPM

Skadi B
Swanson Commons S/FMP
Swdenborg HW
Tyr HW
Vidar HW
Viking FP
Westerlins Hall FPM
Zander FP
Zorn HW