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Emergency contacts

Local emergency numbers

Ambulance 9-911 (call Public Safety/Police at ext. 7711 after ambulance is called)

Fire ext. 7711

Hazardous spills ext. 7711

Poison information 1-800-942-5969

Rape/Sexual Assault Counseling Program (309) 797-1777 (hotline)

Utility Emergencies ext. 7278 or ext. 7711

Medical emergency procedure

  • Call ext. 7711. The dispatcher will contact 911 and give a specific location of where you are on campus to the 911 responders.
  • Identify your exact location and describe the situation.
  • Stay with the victim.
  • Send someone to meet the first responders at the building/department entrance.

First aid assistance

Augustana has more than 30 first responders who are able to provide basic first aid services on campus. Each first responder possesses a first aid kit and can operate an AED and provide CPR. A list of these first responders can be found on Campusnet.

Automatic External Defibrilators (AED's) ar strategically located around campus to be used by first responders for cardiac emergencies. A map of the location of the AED's can be found on Campusnet.

Health care contact information

For emergency care:

Trinity Express Care Clinic 106 19th Ave. Ste. 103 Moline, Illinois (309) 779-7050.
Trinity Medical Center (West) 2701 17th Street, Rock Island, Illinois (309) 779-5000
Trinity Medical Center (7th St) 500 John Deere Road Moline, Illinois (309) 779-5000

For non-emergency care:

College Healthcare Shuttle (309) 781-5711