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About L.O.V.E.

L.O.V.E. was founded and organized by several upper classmen African American women in 1980. They started out meeting the Black Culture House and aiding the organization with a big/little program.One of the original organizers, Shawn Harmon, proposed the name Ladies of Vital Essence (L.O.V.E.).


The first pledge class was initiated during Winter Term 1980 and formally introduced on December 13, 1980. The first formal was in April and the group's constitution was accepted in April 1981, making L.O.V.E. an offically recognized group on campus. The Ladies of Vital Essence, formed this organization to promote sisterhood and unity among them, to promote a positive image of diverse women and to establish a group based on mutual love, respect, dedication, particpation and honor. They choose to express our sisterhood through both social and service activities throughout the Augustana community. The Order of the Phoenix is the brother organization

President: Jackie Sandoval
Vice-President: Crystal Gray
Secretary: Nicolette Hampton
Treasurer: Lauren Kaboggoza

Advisor: Jolene Harper
Phone: 794-7409