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What can SGA do for me?

Student Government Association can help student organizations by allowing student groups to come to SGA and file contingency for funding and representing student organizations to the administration and faculty.

Who can request funds?

Any approved student organization can request funds from SGA.

How do I become an approved student organization?

Each interested group must fill out an application which can be found here . We encourage groups to meet with Evelyn Campbell, Dean of Students before filling out the application.

How can I request funds?

Each organization must complete a contingency request application and a contingency request form. Both can be found here. Organizations are encouraged to return the completed forms to the SGA office as soon as possible. They must be turned in no later than two week before the student organization wants to appear before SGA.

What does SGA look for in a contingency request?

SGA follows certain guidelines when debating whether to approve a contingency request. Those guidelines can be found here. Groups should also feel free to contact SGA with questions.

How can I best prepare to appear in front of SGA?

Successful contingencies are presented by speakers who know the ins and outs of their monetary request, are well versed in the nature of their group. They present well-thought-out, professional statements to the SGA Senate.
To see such a presentation in action, presenters should feel free to attend SGA's weekly meetings (usually several contingencies are heard at each meeting), held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesdays in the College Center Board Room.