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The following documents will help your organization as the year progresses. They include forms you will need to apply to become a student organization, which will be taken care of by the dean of students, and request funding for your organization, which will be take care of by SGA.

Contingency Application - This from consists of questions that must be answered and turned into SGA before a group can come request funds.

Monetary Request Application - This application must contain in detail what exactly the organization would like SGA to fund. It also must be turned into SGA before a group can request funds. Please also read the contingency request guidelines which are part of the document.
(Note: Please fill out the Contingency Application & Monetary Request Application to be considered for a funding request.)

Contingency Request Guidelines

Fundraising For Your Club - If you are having some trouble coming up with fundraisers here are some ideas that have worked in the past

Student Organization Application for the College - This form must be turned into the Dean of Students Office, Founders 104 to apply to become a recognized student organization.

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