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Leadership programs at Augustana

Giving every student, regardless of background or qualification, the opportunity to be a leader.


Leadership programs offered by the Office of Student Life and Leadership at Augustana College seek to prepare students for leadership roles and responsibilities in service to the College and beyond. Our mission is accomplished through education, development and training through facilitated workshops, experiential learning opportunities, institutes, community engagement and mentoring.


Emerge is Augustana's national award-winning premier leadership development experience for first-year and new students. It is designed to assist students in becoming an influential leader, to encourage them to identify and utilize personal strengths and to help learn more about campus life. This fast-paced eight-week training program teaches everything from understanding self and others to developing good communication skills that will help students reach leadership goals.

Most student leaders on campus were participants of the Emerge program in their first year at Augustana. Most Emerge participants continue their leadership development by joining the OSL Leadership Academy.

Athletic Leadership Program

This program is specifically designed for college athletes that have completed at least one year of college. Participants are nominated by coaches, so interested students should contact their coach to express interest in the program.

Participating athletes will consider leadership in the context of athletics, focusing on personal qualities and attributes designed to develop cohesive teams as well as qualities associated with peak performance.

The Athletic Leadership Program takes place during the first five weeks of winter term. Participating students are required to attend weekly meetings as well as special experiential learning opportunities.

OSL Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a multi-faceted program for students interested in leadership development. The program offers three certificates: Life Skills, Practicing Leadership, and Organizational Leadership. Individuals can choose which certificate best suits their interest.

Each academic term the Office of Student Life offers an orientation program for the Leadership Academy. Interested students should attend an orientation session or pick up an application in the OSL office. Benefits of the OSL Leadership Academy go well beyond learning opportunities. Not only do students receive functional training in areas of personal and leadership development, but they will also receive significant time with faculty, staff and other experienced leaders who will guide them as they develop their own leadership development plan.

Augie Lead Accounts

Leadership Academy programs are open to all students, faculty and staff. Members of the campus community may attend workshops and participate in experiential learning opportunities without joining the Leadership Academy. Students interested in pursuing requirements toward certificates will have access to an account designed to track progress, share program reflections and capture artifacts associated with their leadership journey.