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Mission & Core Values

Mission Statement

The Office of Student Life and Leadership is committed to the development and growth of the whole person by exposing students to a wide variety of cultures and experiences through the arts, entertainment, and educational programming.

Core Values

Excellence • Vision • Opportunity • Learning • Inclusiveness • Collaboration • Reflection • Community


Excellence in all we do directs us to develop a sustained passion for continuous improvement and innovation that will propel our programs and services into a long-term, upward spiral of accomplishment and performance.


We encourage students and faculty to be agents of change: curious, imaginative, and unafraid to challenge current thinking in pursuit of future opportunity and goodness.


Our aim is to provide a favorable combination of circumstances that will support the promotion of learning and present chances for people to advance developmentally.


We desire to promote the application of knowledge, skills, and attitudes for the benefit of the individual as well as society.


We seek the enlightenment brought by true diversity and global interaction. Our programming fosters an atmosphere in which everyone will have an opportunity to thrive and develop.


Teamwork and mutual respect are necessary qualities to achieve maximum outputs and results. We strive to utilize our ability to network across organizations and in cultivating interaction among students.


We will encourage and engage students, asking them to both interpret what and how they are learning and to discuss with peers and faculty the experiences that are most crucial to their successful learning.


Our aim is to enhance and promote positive human relations across and between all campus constituencies. We seek to engage one another through purposeful programs, open communication, mutual respect, a just and caring culture, and celebrative events that affirm both tradition and change and instill a sense of belonging.