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Medical or mental health concern that does not require a 911 call

Call Augustana Security at (309) 794-7711, or x7711 from an on-campus phone. The caller should be prepared to give his/her location and remain in contact with the dispatcher. After making the call, the following should happen:

• Await further directions from the dispatcher.

• Do not touch or agitate the victim.

• If the caller's safety is not at risk, a person may want to consider: calming the victim with soothing words, having them sit down or talking to them to distract them.

• Once Augustana Security arrives, answer questions, provide history of events and then leave the scene.

• Be sensitive about sharing information about the incident with others. Witnesses should be mindful of the victim's privacy and aware that damaging rumors could result.

The Dean of Students (309) 794-7533 or the Student Counseling Office (309) 794-7357 may serve as an appropriate contact to respond in some cases during normal office hours. However, Augustana Security is trained to respond to all mental health emergencies.