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Life-threatening medical emergency

Call 911. The caller should be prepared to provide a location and remain on the line with the dispatcher. If possible, ask if Augustana Security should be contacted to provide assistance. After the call is made, the following should happen:

•        The dispatcher will direct the caller's response, which could include providing CPR or first aid.

•         If the caller is not providing emergency assistance, he/she must make sure the victim can be found easily by trained personnel. The caller may leave the victim(s) alone briefly to guide trained personnel to the victim(s).

•         If caller remains with the victim(s), he/she can provide comfort, such as encouraging words or calming gestures such as laying of a hand or patting a victim's arm.

•         Once trained personnel arrive, the caller will answer questions and provide history of events and then leave the scene.

•         The caller must be sensitive about sharing information about the incident with others. Witnesses should be mindful of the victim's privacy and aware that damaging rumors could result.