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Immigration & visa questions

International students coming to Augustana may enter either as an F-1 student (degree-seeking) or as a J-1 student (exchange student). Once a student's complete application package and tuition deposit has been submitted and the student has been accepted to join the fall class at Augustana College, the Coordinator of International Student Admissions, Jane Tiedge, will send your student their I-20 so that you may apply for your visa to enter the United States.

Once your son or daughter has received Augustana's acceptance packet, you should begin the process of paying the SEVIS fee, gathering required documentation and scheduling a visa interview at the U.S. Embassy in your country. Specific visa application processes for your country can be found at

The fee may be paid online, and it is paid by the student, not Augustana College. This is the first step. Once the fee has been paid, you may schedule an appointment for the visa interview.