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Dining Services

The Center for Student Life dining hall opened in August 2013 and offers seven different themed food stations.

All students who live in the residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan. Students not living in the residence halls may purchase a full or partial meal plan. When students living in the residence halls arrive on campus in August, a meal plan will be charged to their account.

Dining Services offers parents a way to send their students something "special" throughout the school year.  Surprise them with a cake, fresh fruit basket, chocolate-chip cookies or brownies. Sending something special says "I miss you," or "Good luck on your exam/paper/project!" If you would like to send your student something special, visit the Augie Treat page.

Augustana's dining room (map) is located in the Center for Student Life.  Opened in the Fall of 2013, the dining room features numerous dining options:

Global Fusion features international foods, including Chinese, Thai, Middle-Eastern and Mexican.

Bella Luna features pizzas, calzones, pasta, strombolis and more.

Green Creations features a market-style deli, soups, breads, panini sandwiches, fresh fruit, and a salad bar.

The Carvery features meat (pork, beef, turkey, ham), potatoes (different styles) and a wide variety vegetables.

Wild Thymes features vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options.

American Grill features burgers, grilled chicken, fries and specialty sandwiches.

Breakfast is available all day where students may make waffles, have cereals, and breads. A full breakfast will be served each morning.  

Students who have special dietary needs will be able to meet with one of our chefs, who will help create meals that will meet those needs. We will help students whose religion may have a specific dietary requirement, such as kosher or halal preparation. Our chefs and dining room personnel can provide dietary or nutritional information to help students avoid food that they may not be able to eat due to medical reasons.

Do not be surprised if your student complains about the food, especially in the first few months. Remind your student that this is to be expected as it is part of the adjustment period. Encourage them to be patient, and to talk with older international students who have gone through this same experience.

New and different food is part of the total experience of going to school in another country. It allows students to actually experience how people live in another country and what they eat.