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Letter to international parents

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Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Augustana family!

Augustana will challenge and support your students as they encounter new ideas and experiences during their college years. Our hope is that you will encourage and empower them as challenges arise. Our goal is to equip you to give your students the skills necessary for independent living. This means referring your student to resources on campus and listening to their needs and then assisting them in finding solutions. Our hope is to allow students to do as much as they can for themselves, so that after their time at Augustana, they will navigate the world as conduct their lives as well-rounded leaders and citizens.

Please know that as international parents, we realize that English is most likely not your first language. Should you desire to have a document translated, or would like to have an interpreter present when you visit the campus, please let us know. We are glad to help make you feel comfortable whenever you would visit or correspond with us.

We are very glad to have your son or daughter join the Augustana community. We look forward to working with your student.


International Student Life staff