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Answers About the Augustana Printing Policy

For information about how to use the OMC printers, please click here.

Why does the college keep track of how much users print?

To be environmentally sustainable and to encourage good stewardship of paper, toner, and electricity resources.

How was this policy developed?

Over the course of several years in discussion with the Dean of Students, SGA representation, ITS, the library director, the Campus Sustainability Committee, and the Academic Computing Committee.

Do other schools do this?

Yes, the vast majority that we surveyed have similar or more restrictive printing policies.

What if I need to print for my club, for my department, or other reasons not for myself?

Printing needs for clubs or departments should be budgeted for in advance and processed through the college's Copy Center in Sorensen, and billed to the appropriate account number.

Departmental printing to a laser printer should be printed from a departmental account, not personal student accounts.

How do I check my printing balance level?

Login with your Augustana username and password to to view your balance. You will be notified by e-mail when your balance drops below $10.00. Top-up cards are available for $5.00 at the bookstore and the library.

How do I add credit?

Using a card purchased at the library or bookstore, log in to with your username and password, and click on "Redeem Card" on the left side. Enter the code found on the card and your account will be incremented by $5.

How much can I print with my annual $50 printing credit or with a $5 recharge card?

Printer Type Cost per page Pages available for annual $50 credit Pages available for $5 recharge card
Black and white, per side $0.02 2500 250
Color, per side $0.06 833 83

What are the requirements for Poster Printing?

You will want to set up your poster in either Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft PowerPoint. ITS requires at least 24 hours notice for poster printing.

Who do I contact about Poster Printing?

ITS no longer prints posters. Please contact the copy center for more information: (309) 794-7301 or

What if I have problems or other questions?

E-mail, call, or visit the ITS Helpdesk (, 309-794-7293, 1st floor of Sorensen).