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Video Editing on Campus

There are as many different reasons why you may want to edit video, as there are ways to do the actual video editing. At Augustana, the two main programs that we suggest that you use for basic video editing projects are iMovie (for the Mac) and Windows Movie Maker (for Windows machines).

To check for upcoming iMovie workshops, view our Training & Workshops page. If you would like help creating a specific project or would like individual training, contact Kristina Zimmerman (x7476) or the helpdesk (x7293).

iMovie '09 with iDVD

iMovie is part of Apple's iLife software suite and comes installed on every Mac computer. This makes it widely available and it can be found on all of the Mac computers on campus.

For more information about using iMovie, see the iMovie '09 page or go directly to the subtopics:

Note: Some Macs on campus have a newer version of iMovie installed and may not have iDVD available. If you need help with this newer version, please contact Kristina Zimmerman (x7476).

Windows Live Movie Maker with Windows DVD Maker

Movie Maker is a video editing application that is installed along with many versions of Microsoft Windows. This makes it available on many of our campus PCs. If it is not installed on your computer, Windows Live Movie Maker is available for download free here.

To make DVDs that will play in a normal DVD player, you will need to use another application such as Windows DVD Maker.


Camtasia is a powerful screencasting application as well as a video editor. There is both a Mac and a PC version. It is installed on a select few computers on campus. To learn more about how Camtasia works, click here.

Roxio Creator 8 Suite

Some computers on campus have Roxio installed. This software has some video editing capability as well as the ability to burn the edited or unedited clips to a DVD.