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Google Apps (Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Groups, and Sites)

General Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of cloud-based tools that is available to our students and staff. Augustana uses Google Apps for our email, individual calendars, surveys, email lists and ePortfolios.

Note: Google is constantly improving its services both aesthetically and functionally. Therefore, the service changes frequently - sometimes with little warning. For the most updated help for Google products, please see the official Google Help:

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Gmail: Drive:
Calendar: Sites:

Google Apps not working?

Check to see if it's a known problem. Google posts known issues here:

Login to Google Apps

You can login to Google apps at: or at

Multiple Sign in

  1. Click on the picture of you (or on your email if you do not have a picture) at the top right of your screen
  2. Click the Add button at the bottom of the menu that appears
  3. Sign into your second account (remember,, etc. if it isn't a normal gmail account)

Signing out


  1. Click on your username or picture at the top right of your screen
  2. Choose Sign out

If you forgot to sign out of other computers

  1. Go to the bottom right of the email screen
  2. Click on Details below "Last account activity"
  3. Click Sign out all other sessions

Note: This is also useful to see if anyone has accessed your account. You will see the IP addresses and locations (city/state) of your account's recent sign ins. If anything looks suspicious (i.e. a sign in from Atlanta, GA when you've been on campus), someone may have signed into your account without your knowledge. Change your password immediately and click on sign out all other sessions to protect your account.

How to change your Google Apps Password

See most up-to-date instructions at:

Google Apps Mail

Google Apps mail is a full-featured email client with built-in instant messaging, voice and video chat, tasks, mobile access, and spam and virus protection.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar lets you share your calendar with others, manage multiple calendars, room and resource scheduling, and allows mobile access to your data.

Google Forms

Google forms are a useful tool to help you plan events, send a survey, give students a quiz, or collect other information in an easy, streamlined way. A Google form is automatically connected to a spreadsheet with the same title. When you send or share a form, recipients' responses will automatically be collected in that spreadsheet.

Google Groups

Google Groups lets you communicate effectively within your department, team, or group. Groups can be used as mailing lists or discussion boards. Managers can add or remove group members as well as change their permissions regarding the group.

Set your group to Digest Mode

Google Sites

Google Sites allows you to create a fully functional website even if you have little or no knowledge of HTML. Augustana is using Google sites for our ePortfolio initiative.

Helpful Links

Using Google Apps with Mobile Devices

Google Apps System Status

Google Apps Education Training Center


Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns:

Phone: 794-7293